Forecast market protocol
This user governed protocol will allow users to create and participate in event derivatives which will be pegged to real-world outcomes. It’s a very interesting and useful feature where variety of different events can be created and monitored. Anything from sport events to political elections and many other events where users can actively participate and pick outcomes.

Oracle as a Service - OaaS
OptionRoom can serve as Oracle as a Service where oracle requests are solved by governance.

Dual Token Model
Dual token model: ROOM serving as the utility token of OptionRoom and COURT serving as the governance token of the protocol.

Authenticity scoring and governance
Users will be able to stake the tokens to increase their authenticity score and therefore voting power. The honest participants will be rewarded and dishonest with be punished.

User Incentives
OptionRoom will be providing rewards for pool creators and reward them with percentage of pool winnings. This is such a good idea because it creates and incentives and therefore promotes success among pool creators.

Multiple use-cases
There are many uses for the OptionRoom protocol. Some of it included: OaaS, prediction markets, decentralized polls, dispute resolution, decentralized surveys and more.

Built on PolkaDOT.
OptionRoom v2 is planned to be built on Polkadot which offers the latest technology for DeFi platforms. Polkadot requires no introduction, so it’s great that OptionRoom chose to collaborate with the leading ecosystem.

Reward Buffer Pool
Excessive fees generated from the protocol will be diverted into a reward buffer pool to be used as protocol rewards to reduce inflation.


ROOM Token Metrics
ROOM is the native token of OptionRoom ultimately required as payment for OptionRoom’s products and distributed as incentives for active and honest protocol participants.

Summary of $ROOM rewards

Team Visionaries




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