FantomStarter: A Revolutionary launchpad on Fantom

One of the first launchpads based on Fantom is prepping up for revolution across the crytosphere with its best functionalities.

I have prepared an infographic for the tokenomics which also tells how seriously team has invested in it and has got the right metrics to deliver.

$FS #FantomStarter

Staking and UnStaking on the platform through its testnet was smooth as silk.

It has got a very simple UI with all buttons on one page and simple functionality on how to stake, unstake and I hope team comes up with the best options when the mainnet is launched.

One suggestion would be to make the UI a bit more attractive from color perspective by using some colors probably the ones used in the FantomStarter logo.



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Swatik Choudhury

Swatik Choudhury

Software Engineer, Blockchain & CryptoEnthusiast